Are swingers hornier than non-swingers?

We have definitely entered the lifestyle because we wanted more sex. And so did many of you.
But was it because we have a higher libido? Was it because we wanted to have sex with other partners?
There are different opinions on this question.
Some say that they are in the swinging lifestyle because they wanted to spice up the things in bed.
Obviously, it isn't a rule, everyone is in because of their own reasons.
Personally, I don't think that we are hornier, what I do think is that we are more open about our sex life.
We are having as friends a vanilla couple, and they are WAY hornier than we are and, to be honest, they are having so much more sex than we.
Vanilla people's perception about swingers is so different from how it actually is. Most of them think that we are ready for sex 24/7 and that we want to fuck anyone, anywhere.
I am not going to be a hypocrite, this is what I also thought about swingers when my husband introduced me into the LS.
But now, being a part of it, I can say that it is truly not like that.
Just imagine that we are searching for the perfect couple to play with for MONTHS! Literally. We are very pretentious when it comes to swinging, we are not doing it with every random couple that we meet.
Cee Cee
Cee Cee
For me it's been multiple reasons and I've always been horny all the time no matter if I'm single or in a relationship and if I was in a relationship yes of course is to spice it up but I just enjoyed on an overall pieces having sex with a lot of different women